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Right from the childhood Anukul Chandra showed signs of superhuman greatness. He was eleven months old when one day Monomohini Debi took him along with her to the house of Umesh Lahiri at Haripur. Umesh Lahiri was a conservative Brahmin, and the image of Balgopal (Lord Krishna as a boy) was placed in his house. On the day of the visit he had been sitting absorbed in meditation for several hours, as he was accustomed to do. But suddenly his meditation was broken by the sound of something falling. In his bewilderment he saw that the image of Balgopal had fallen to the floor and on the throne of the deity was sitting the little boy Anukul Chandra, sweetly smiling and radiance effulging from his whole body.

When Mother Monomohini scolded her child, he replied in innocence, “Why does he call me then?” At this the emotion in Umesh Lahiri became overwhelming and tears started flowing from his eyes. He felt that his worship through all these days had finally become meaningful and his life had become blessed.

A sannyasi (mendicant) arriving in Himaitpur happened to see Anukul Chandra. Just the sight of the boy made such an impression that he followed him to his home. Mother Monomohini welcomed him but he did not pay any attention to this. He just looked at Anukul Chandra with eyes full of tears and said in a trembling voice, “
This is no ordinary boy. To reduce the great burden of this world’s suffering, He has come.” The sannyasi cooked some rice he had been given earlier and made an offering to the divine boy in whom he had found his desired Lord; then he ate what was left as the gift of His grace. Mother Monomohini tried to stop him from doing this, since the usual custom was to offer food to a sannyasi and accept his blessings. But he bowed down at her feet and prayed carefully, “Mother, please don’t deprive me of the grace I have been roaming the jungles and wilds to find throughout my whole life.” The Mother became quite at hearing such a sorrowful prayer.

At an auspicious time Anukul Chandra’s father, Shiva Chandra enrolled him as a student in the school of Kesto Bairagi. So it happened that this man and his school were blessed with the presence of this age’s greatest fulfiller.

Shiva Chandra had come to Himaitpur to save the property left by his father-in-law. In this he was largely successful, but many in Himaitpur remained hostile to him and caused him constant trouble. In the conflicts that resulted he was able by the force of his personality and his valour in resisting evil to maintain the prestige of the family, but continual harassment brought him into extreme financial difficulty. At the same time he fell ill.

Anukul Chandra, who was 5 years old at this time, used to go every day across the river Ichhamati to bring medicine for his father. As he went along he became completely absorbed in the continuous repetition of the Holy Name which flowed inside him. Many revelations came to him; he would see thousands of moons and suns whirling around him making a tremendous sound, and it seemed that he was the centre of them all.

In his life a great devotion to his parents is evident. His only interest was to please his mother, and his only greed was for her appreciation even though she was very strict with him. The extreme degree of his devotion to both his parents is beyond description.