Swastyani and Sadachar

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Swastyani and Sadachar

Postby subrata » Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:35 pm

Swastyani comes from Su (good) + Asti (existence) +Ayan (path) which literally means the path of better existence. In other words all those observances which flourish us into the path of better existence can be called Swastyani Vrata (mission). Swastyani creates a “normal culture of motor-sensory co-ordinating daily habit in each and every individual’s life”.

There are five important factors to be observed in Swastyani. They are as follows: -

1. First one has to take appropriate care of his physical health so that he remains hale and hearty.
2. One needs to actively convert all the good thoughts into actions right at their inception thus creating the power of energetic volition.
3. One has to observe keen interest in the life and growth of his surroundings by exalting them in the ideal-centric go of life.
4. One has to keep all his complexes actively engaged in the interest of his Ideal and thus controlling them in a positive way.
5. Every day before taking any food or water one has to offer according to his capacity some oblation which is equivalent to feeding his “Superior Beloved” two times in a day. At the end of the month a minimum of 3 Rs out of the total offered money should be sent to the Ideal and the rest should be kept carefully under control for furtherance.
Later the money, thus collected, should be invested in the name of the Ideal through a “profitable concern” and the income from the same should be used to comply with the wishes of the Ideal through service to the surroundings and Ideal. Again, for the management and supervision of the investment, the eldest responsible member of a family can withdraw a maximum of 1/5th ,as allowance, from the earnings on the invested money. The person getting the allowance needs to be actively providing service to his surroundings in the interest of the Ideal only or else the next worthiest person in the family should be chosen to look after the investment and receive the allowance. Further in the earnest need of the family one can withdraw 1/10th of the annual collection of this holy oblation as a blessing from his Ideal (to be spent appropriately).

Swastyani can be observed by an individual, a family or any business concern. Thus, in short, to observe all these five things “fanatically and sentimentally” is the path of better existence or Swastyani. Swastyani can remove all bad influences (graha-dosh) and possibilities of destructions in an individual’s life and flourish every individual being in the path of his exalted becoming.

Sadachar or hygienic practice, on the other hand, is the practice of principles of living conducive to one's existence and growth. Sadachar has three aspects, namely, physical, mental and spiritual. All three aspects are complimentary to each other. By observing all the three aspects of hygienic practice our nervous system becomes more receptive and responsive.

To summarise, Swastyani is the path leading to better existence of an individual and Sadachar is an essential requirement to follow that path.
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