Man proposes and God disposes accordingly

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Man proposes and God disposes accordingly

Postby subrata » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:45 am

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 11 of “Being and Becoming” by Ray Hauserman:-

Western Bengal was part of the rich Gangetic plain with a majority population of Bengali Hindus. Our destination was Deoghar in Bihar. On the journey, I asked how it was decided that Deoghar would be our new home. Beru-da, an old-timer from the early days of dances and miracles, piped up, "Because in the holy book of Thakur's sayings while in trance, it's mentioned twice in April of 1917, 'Let's move, quickly, to Deoghar'."

"Then you believe this was all planned long ago, Beru- da?" I asked.

"What are those words of Christ?’Every hair on your head is numbered'."

"That doesn't leave much room for free will, does it?"

Kesto-da laughed. "Ray, a long time ago I began to get the feeling that everything was planned. I mentioned to Thakur that life seems to me to be nothing but a drama and he said, 'Even if it all be a drama, still we have to play our parts to the best of our abilities'."

I frowned. "Then all this suffering, cruelty and killing of innocent people is just part of God's drama? That's not a very loving God to me."

He was quick to respond, "Do you know the saying, 'Man proposes, but God disposes'?" I nodded. "Well, Thakur says it this way: 'Man proposes and God disposes accordingly'. By our thoughts, words and actions, we ourselves set the stage. That is, we propose or sow the seed. God disposes exactly according to our thoughts, words and actions, allowing us to reap what we have sown.

"God is a just and loving God. He wants our good. He will show us the way to that good through his prophets, but He leaves us totally free to follow or not.

"If we love Him and follow Him out of that love, ignoring our lower passions and weaknesses, we become blessed and we grow. If instead we only follow our own whims, ignoring Him, then we receive accordingly. All this killing and tragedy is not His will. It is the result of many years of sowing according to our own short-sighted whims and selfishness."

"In other words, Kesto-da, it's a result of our not playing our part properly in the drama of life. Is that the idea?" I asked.

He chuckled. "We try to use God for our own petty interests, rather than allow ourselves to be used by God for His interest. Why? Because we think He doesn't understand what our interests are. Such is our own short-sightedness."
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