Explanation of What is Chance

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Explanation of What is Chance

Postby subrata » Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:18 am


“Chance is the chosen performance of acquisition”

According to me, it means what we perceive as chance is nothing but our own choice. The choice of acquiring our goals through apt performance (action). We create our chance from the choice of our own action to achieve our desired goal. The more urge we have for the goal, the stronger will be our act for achieving it which in turn will create a better chance for success. In the end we only reap what we sow. There is nothing random or arbitrary in the laws of the universe in absolute sense. Neither there is anything called miracle. Everything we see or do is bound by a certain cause and effect relationship.

I would like to re-iterate Shri Shri Thakur’s definition of fate in this context.

‘Your continuous activities affect the environment issuing effects according to your action; during the transmission these effects get transformed into various forms and wait for you in different time-points in the future outside the limit of your knowledge - this is what your fate is’ - created by your own actions in the past!

[Ref : Chalar Saathi]

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