The misinterpreted "Pratik Guru"

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The misinterpreted "Pratik Guru"

Postby subrata » Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:49 pm

Recently I came across an e-mail where it was mentioned that “Ishtrabhiti is taken by pratik guru”.

In Shri Shri Thakur’s literature if someone has come across anything like Pratik (symbol) Guru please share it with all of us.

Now let me share the actual Vaani as recorded by none other than respected Prafulla Das da in Pabna,

“Ishta, Guru-Purushottama
Pratik, Guru-vanshadhar
Retoshorire Supto theke
Jyaanto tini nirontor"

[Ref : Smriti Thirthe by Prafulla Kr. Das, Page 70]

The meaning of the above lines goes like this:-

Our Ishta (Ideal) is only Guru-Purushottama and His successors are His symbol (pratik) who arouse His divine memory in us. The word “Reto” has come from “Ri” dhatu (root) which means vibration, sound, motion. So “Reto-shorir” signifies the finer body which ensemble His “existential thrill of life”. Please note the word “Supto” which means dormant or latent. So it indicates only the possibility and not the manifestation. In other words, His finer presence (throbbing) is latent in all His descendants and through that He is alive in them. This is a bio-genetic truth. All our ancestors are alive in our biological-makeup ( Jaivi – sangsthiti). It is thus a very logical conclusion that all the successors of the Guru-Purushottama should be revered as they carry His divine biological-makeup. However, we have to remember, only because of that they cannot be our Ideal or “Pratik-Guru” as commonly mentioned. Shri Shri Thakur Himself has warned us against it.
So from the above Vaani, it is clear that Pratik Guru is a just a misnomer and comes from the omission of the very vital “comma” in between.

[The line is pratik, Guru-vanshadhar and not Pratik-Guru, vanshadhar.]

Unfortunately this is how the sayings of a Prophet get distorted, misinterpreted as time passes on.
The Irony here is that Shri Shri Thakur has left His mortal form only 41 years back. Can we dare imagine the situation after 400 or 4000 years????

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