Do materialize the wishes of Beloved

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Do materialize the wishes of Beloved

Postby subrata » Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:45 am

To materialize
the wishes of Beloved, the Love
with every fulfillment
and sharp tactful immediacy—
throwing behind
all other calculating back-out tenors
is the only way
to achieve love, energy
and perfect skill.


Do and do materialize
with every immediacy,
in desired time,
the wishes of your Superior Beloved
as you are asked for—
managing all events and affairs
for success—
this is the only way
to thrive with efficiency.

Any effort,
any acquisition,
any wealth that goes
to fulfill anything
above which
the Lord is not enthroned,
is futile
through the conflict
of complexes
that falter !


to fulfill the Ideal
invites the constitution
that fulfils.

[Ref : Magna Dicta]
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