Normal, Damaged and Distorted Libido - Part3

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Normal, Damaged and Distorted Libido - Part3

Postby s3g » Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:02 pm

Question : What is the way to deliverance from such cases (damaged or distorted libido)?

Shri Shri Thakur : Those who are damaged or wreck, whenever they come in contact with that kind of a Superior Beloved, in a moment they can gain from whatever state of degeneration they may be residing in.
In case of the distorted ones, things become more complicated as their tendrils of attachment are insincere. They need to be goaded through each complex with constant watch. Again, if the one, who is going to goad them is not having utmost and unimpaired attachment to his beloved, then it may spell trouble for him as well. That is why we need to be careful there.

Question : Well, why is it that your sayings are likened by many on one hand, but on the other hand there are many who get repelled and even abuse them?

Shri Shri Thakur : Those who are distorted, whenever their heart responds to something and they like it from inside, they will immediately take a repulsive pose towards it. Due to this they may start abusing it, may even recourse to outrage as well. However, the very sign of their (inner) liking is the fact that they become active with it, become enthusiastic.

Generally whatever a man does not like, he ignores it. He does not even allow it to create any agitation in his mind. We can find this easily if we observe our daily life.

But, whenever a man gets interested in a certain matter, he automatically becomes active with it. That is why the sign of something impressing their mind or is of their liking is that they become actively engaged and the reason behind this is the distortion of their libido. There is no harmony between their thoughts and actions. They are always insincere to themselves. As a result, many a times, that abuse or that repulsion takes birth from their fear of getting exposed to themselves – as well as to their surroundings.

[Ref: Nana Prasange, Vol2, 7th Edition, p64-65]
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