Social and Marriage Reform - Part1

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Social and Marriage Reform - Part1

Postby s3g » Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:03 pm

Question : Well, the other day you talked about libido. Now how is it possible to bring peace in all the families with these damaged sex? Also how is it possible to have proper marriage in society if men and women are damaged this way?

Shri Shri Thakur : If our desire is to live and grow, then we cannot afford to sit back because of damaged or distorted libido. So, no matter what our present condition is, we have to start doing things which can make our lives seamlessly flow towards the path of growth, as far as possible. So, to whatever extent our present state can afford to pursue the rules of living and growing, immediately we have to engage everyone on that. Then this pursuit will gradually ascend all of them on an ever increasing furtherance.

So, in our lives we have to bring in the ideal-centric go, as much as possible, through appropriate discussion and culture. We have to ensure that men should not become lustful from the mad urge for marriage and get unnaturally inclined on women. Also we have to educate the girls honestly through proper discussion within the family such that they can select their groom, to the extent possible, by seeing, hearing and understanding the higher worshipable heredity on account of varna, family, education etc. In a word, we have to grow such an instinct inside the girls, with a fanatic rigidity, that without worshipable higher (instinct), they can never get any inclination on lower (instinct), whatever he may be like. We need to spread out such an honourable excitement between the men and women, based on their individual characteristics, that it becomes tremendous in bustling propensity blazing continuously through conscience-ignited flame.

The educations need to be given with such a practical pose that further theoretical insights will grow up automatically inside the normal common sense of the students. The test of examination should also be in similar line. Now giving thoughtful consideration, rush off immediately with the implementation of all these things. Also, if there is some bad things coming in the way of good things, do not get disheartened. Rather make sure that those bad things can properly show up the right path to be followed. If we start moving with such a go, right from now, can you tell how long the embrace of ideal can stay away?

[Ref: Nana Prasange, Vol2, 7th Edition, p66-68]
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